How to Update BMW Software

Exterior profile view of a 2021 BMW 5 Series

Every new BMW vehicle comes with a set of sophisticated and forward-thinking technology features like the BMW iDrive. Like with any device these days, you will need to know how to update BMW software so ensure that your car is running at peak performance. It’s a simple task that any Alpharetta BMW owner can learn. United BMW has information on how to update BMW software, a BMW iDrive hack, and more below!

What Kind of BMW iDrive Update is Required?

Knowing how to update the BMW software that powers BMW iDrive will help your vehicle perform more efficiently. So, what’s the process for a BMW iDrive update? It’s fairly straightforward, but first it’s useful to distinguish between a full BMW iDrive update and a partial BMW iDrive update:

  • Full BMW iDrive Update: It’s possible that your BMW iDrive interface will experience system-wide issues. This requires a thorough update of electronic control modules and more. For this kind of BMW iDrive hack, you’ll need to contact a Marietta-area service center to have an expert technician inspect your vehicle. However, occasions such as this are very few and far between.
  • Partial BMW iDrive Update:  You can easily learn how to update BMW software at home for this kind of procedure. A partial update makes sure your Bluetooth®, multimedia systems, and mobile device compatibility are working well.

How to Update BMW Software

One simple BMW iDrive hack can save you a lot of time and energy. If you need to quickly perform a BMW iDrive update at home, just get a USB drive from a Johns Creek store and download the BMW software onto it. Here’s how your next steps will go:

  • First we’ll need to get information about your vehicle to know which update it needs. Find your VIN in your owner’s manual to get started. 
  • Enter the VIN online to see what updates you need
  • Download available updates on the BMW website.
  • Use the USB port in your BMW vehicle to update your BMW iDrive software!

Learn about Your BMW with United BMW

We love the technology that’s featured in our new BMW inventory, and we want Alpharetta and Milton drivers to learn how to use it! Please contact us with any questions you may have about BMW technology and how to update BMW software.