BMW Leasing

Why Leasing?

  • No Down Payment Financing – Leasing eliminates the down payment required when purchasing a vehicle. With 100% financing available, leasing allows valuable cash to be used for other purposes. If you want, you can make a down-payment to lower your monthly payments.
  • Lower Monthly Payments – With leasing you pay for the portion of the vehicle that you actually choose, not the entire vehicle. Since leasing is a lower cost means of financing you payment will typically be 25% to 50% lower than a loan payment, saving you hundreds of dollars each month.
  • Get More Vehicle For The Same Money – A significant benefit of leasing is the option of driving a bigger, more expensive vehicle for the same payment when compared to buying. The choice is yours: The identical vehicle for a smaller payment, or a more expensive vehicle for the same payment.
  • Flexibility: payments tailored to individual needs – Leasing provides many options in creating a monthly payment best suited to your needs. Because of this flexibility, leasing a vehicle is easier than owning one.
  • Fewer Maintenance Problems – Leasing means that your car is under manufacturer’s warranty for the majority of the lease term. You will have fewer maintenance issues and most will be covered.
  • Tax Benefits – Tax laws overwhelmingly provide better tax benefits when leasing for business use, with the payment being fully deductible, except for the lease inclusion. This can be a major consideration for expense business sedans. In addition, in most states, you don’t pay sales tax on the entire vehicle when you lease. You are only taxed on the portion of the vehicle you use, and the tax is spread out over the monthly payments.
  • Leasing is Better for Your Credit – For individuals, leasing has less of an impact on your credit than a loan. For businesses, leasing is considered off balance sheet, and doesn’t count against many loan covenants.
  • No Used Car Hassles – Leasing eliminates trade-in hassles. At the end of the lease, just turn in the car and keys to the leasing company. Plus, you have the option of purchasing it if you want.